Application & Entry Rules

  1. Entries must be submitted along with the appropriately filled application form available on the Award’s website.
  2. A maximum of two entries can be made by the same individual, team or entity, and must be submitted individually to separate award categories (type).
  3. The Technical Committee may reassign an entry to an alternative category when found more applicable without seeking permission from the respective applicant.
  4. The entries must be well articulated, focused and clearly presented to encompass the evaluation criteria.
  5. The Award is open to all individuals and organisations, provided that the submitted entries have been implemented in one of the MENA countries.
  6. Programmes/Projects must be in execution phase for a period not less than 1 year prior to date of application with supporting data to demonstrate performance.
  7. Applicants may be nominated by themselves, other individuals, professional associations or establishments. Each individual entry, however, should be supported by and official letter from his/her employer.
  8. The Technical Committee may request additional supporting documents from the applicants and may also conduct visits to their respective sites during the evaluation period.
  9. Incomplete or late entries will be disqualified. The Technical Committee reserves the right to withhold awards in any category where entries do not meet the evaluation criteria.
  10. The deadline for receiving entry forms will be set and communicated to the public in the media and on the Award’s website.
  11. The decision of the Technical & Executive Committees is final and it will not entertain any further correspondence or petition.
  12. Applicants must submit details about the nominated category supported by documents that deal with the four evaluation criteria and show documented results of the nominated project through graphs and videos.