Yes, the Emirates Energy Award provides its winners with a monetary prize.

The evaluation criteria can be found in the following webpage: Evaluation Criteria

Completed applications undergo a rigorous evaluation process, following below three tiered process:

  • A specialized, independent team of experts from an international firm (The Assessors) reviews all complete applications according to the evaluation criteria and assigns quantitative scores accordingly.
  • The evaluated applications are further reviewed by the Technical Committee subject to the evaluation criteria and the feedback of the Assessors. The Technical Committee recommends shortlisted applications according to their score.
  • The shortlisted applications are endorsed by the Executive Committee. The Award type (Gold, Silver, Bronze or Special Recognition) for shortlisted applications is not announced until the ceremony day.

Yes, however, a maximum of two entries can be made by the same individual, team or entity, and must be submitted individually to separate award categories (type).

No, a maximum of two entries can be made by the same individual, team or entity, and must be submitted individually to separate award categories (type).

Entries must be submitted along with the appropriately filled application form and supportive documents as indicated on the Award’s website. Applications must be mailed to DSCE office as a hard copy. Please send your complete application (application form and attachments) to:

  • Dubai Supreme Council of Energy
  • P.O. Box 121 555
  • Al Safa Road, Dubai Petroleum Building,
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Please note that we do not accept applications by email. All applications must be submitted via post as a hard copy, with all attachments at once.

Once you submit your application, an acknowledgement email shall be sent to you from DSCE office within 10 days of receipt of your application.

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications received, only finalists will be contacted by DSCE once the evaluation process is completed.

Yes, although the Emirates Energy Award is focused on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, we welcome applications from across the globe. We appreciate the opportunity to facilitate sharing information about innovative solutions from around the world.

No, we strongly emphasize the need to demonstrate a minimum of a working prototype. The Award aims to identify practical solutions to various energy challenges and champion those that lead by example and showcase reliability and feasibility of such solutions. Please review the entry requirements for your category of interest as per the EEA website.

Yes, you may attached other relevant illustrations (video, graphs, presentation, etc) with your application.

Yes, we require submission of a “No Objection Letter” from the project owner in case it was different from the applicant (i.e., if a developer completed the project for a Government entity, we require NOC from the Government entity).

Yes, however, it should be clearly stated in the application that this is a joint application. Both names of the entities/companies must be stated. The Award prize will be divided in half between the two entities/companies in case of winning.

Yes, one can nominate her/himself for the Young Energy Professional Award or be nominated. All individual entries must be supported by and official letter from his/her employer, in case the project was conducted in house or funded by the employer.

The only case where we require an official letter from your employer is when you apply as an individual for a project that is conducted within the facilities of your employer and/or funded by your employer.

The Special Recognition Award recognizes applications that did not achieve a high score to worth winning a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award. However, these applications showcase a noble principle that is worth recognition.

Yes, the expert team of assessors will confirm relevance of your application category. In case you applied to the wrong category, the team may reassign the entry to an alternative category without seeking permission from the respective applicant. However, applicants are welcomed to seek assistance from EEA team on which category suits their project best before sending their application, via the “contact us” options.

The evaluation process lasts for approximately three months. Shortlisted applications shall be contacted in June 2017.

You may contact: